What goes around, comes around…

this is a proverb we believe in. Haya Jewellery is proud to have wonderful ambassadors, known for their presence in the media, support us.

One of these ambassadors is the actress Kristin Meyer.


With our Charity Piece we are supporting Kristin’s wonderful social commitment: This is why the full turnover from our charity piece is going to the association Act to Be.


Act to Be

Act to Be is an association which is reacting to injustice and discrimination against particular demographic groups and minorities within one society with the help of theatre plays as a very special medium. Founded by the actress Kristin Meyer, the project is all about victims of said injustices playing together in theatre plays to promote responsible, peaceful and respectful social interaction. Additionally, Act to Be is actively teaching about hygiene and health care. The goal is to make use of the infrastructure, resources and possibilities of the action space available in order to make local people proactively take the initiative to fight injustice and encourage social interaction, resulting in Act to Be not being needed anymore.


The pilot project

The pilot projekt Young & Positive – Art against Stigma and Discrimination is led by the cooperating NGOs St. Francis Health Care Services (Uganda) and Association Omoana (Swiss). This charity project was born to fight stigmatization and discrimination against the so-called Young Positives in Uganda. The term Young Positives refers to children and teenagers who contracted the HIV virus from their mother during birth or in their first months of life. According to an official estimation, right now approximately 190,000 children and teenagers live as Young Positives in Uganda. Although they are going to be a crucial part of the employable working class, they have to suffer extreme stigmatization and prejudices. Platforms teaching them about crucial issues resulting from their handicap are rare – the Young Positives are often left alone with their fears and problems. With the help of the theatre as medium, the children are given a platform to deal with their issues. They receive responses to their questions. Furthermore, they are able to muster up enough self-confidence through learning how to act in order to handle a multitude of difficult situations in their lifes. In addition, the theatre plays are created with the aid of professional actors and social workers. In the end, the plays are performed and shown at schools and folk festivals in order to draw attention to their difficult fate and their wish and desire to live without stigmatization.


More information on Act to Be can be found here