Dear Customers…

I am very happy and proud to be able to present you the first collection of Haya Jewellery,

Dedicated to…

I think we can all agree that implementing an ambitious project is like walking on a long path paved with ups and downs. However, if you go this way, you will be rewarded with the fruits of your hard work in the moment your vision becomes reality. What an amazing feeling.

Jewellery means more to me…

…than just creating mere embellishment which is an opinion I am sure is shared by many people.

I think that jewellery is more than just decoration because the valuable gemstones that form the heart of a precious jewel undergo a long process of creation, untouched by the fast-moving nature of a mortal life. In a metaphorical sense, their existence stays completely unmoved by the hectic goings-on on the earth’s surface in general.

This thought helps me staying down-to-earth; it brings me serenity and aids me set one step after another.

“True beauty comes from within”

goes a frequently quoted proverb that illustrates the nature of a gemstone well. It stands for the beauty of the soul symbolized by a gemstone whose true colors are only brought to the surface through our efforts where they can shine in all their splendor and glory.

“What goes around comes around”

is just another wisdom that is again and again confirmed. This is why this proverb is not only the maxim of our charitable commitment but it describes the origins of Haya Jewellery.

Bearing the essence if this wisdom in my mind, I have been placing importance on a careful choice of recycled noble metals from the very beginning. I have been making sure the gemstones are extracted and traded under fair conditions and I have only been entrusting these precious raw metals to justly acting processing workshops in our country of origin Dubai.


Ring: Maharani HAYA COUTURE
925 Sterling Silver | Ruby 2.6 ct | 29,5 gr

We have to put this much thought and care into our work because valuable jewellery is meant to be our lifelong companion and then to be given to our loved ones one day.

For this reason, it is important and vital to me to show appreciation towards everyone who is participating in the creation of our jewellery.

Holding onto these fundamental principles of Haya Jewellery, we are devoting Dedicated to… to the central values of our lives.

This is why I wish my creations to become precious symbols and reminders of special and beautiful moments of your life, capable of brightening even the most sinister of days.

Yours sincerely,

Karmen Hoyer

Bildunterschrift Wunderbare Modefotos

Armreif Elena HAYA COUTURE
925 Sterling Silver |  Diamonds Black 0.76 ct  | Diamonds White 0.50 ct