HAYA is placing great importance on quality which is particularly visible in the choice of materials. Apart from the use of precious gemstones, we only incorporate 18k gold, 925sterling silver and 950 platinum into our designs. In order to emphasize the beauty of these metals, we are always trying to complement the specific characteristics and looks of the precious metals in our jewelleries.



In various cultures Gold has been associated with the sun since its discovery. The Latin name for Gold – aurum – originates from the word “aurora”, one of the most beautiful natural phenomena we know. In Indogermanic languages, the word “Gold” is standing for a radiant colour experience as well, describing “the yellow” and the “sparkling”. The Incas considered Gold the sweat of the sun, whilst the Egyptians associated the rare metal with the sun itself – Gold was the symbol of the highest sun god Ra. Furthermore, the indestructible metal is an epitome for permanence and consistency, conveying security, power, purity and of course wealth. No wonder nearly all cultures make most of their cult and art objects out of gold which we attribute protecting powers with. When it comes to spirituality, gold is accordingly associated with epiphany and the “true” aura.

On top of this, the precious metal possesses another very outstanding characteristic which makes it extremely popular in the production of jewellery. Oxygen and acids cannot harm this metal. The radiance and beautiful colour seem to never cease. In addition, gold is featuring low hardness despite its heavy weight. Accordingly, it is relatively easy to process and shape and can even be milled into filigree layers without making it fall apart. In alloys with other metals, the characteristics of gold can be modified and adjusted to the specific preferences and colour wishes. HAYA is working with Gold, White Gold, Red Gold and Black Gold.



Out of all noble metals, Silver is the most commonly occurring one. The word “Silver” originates from the Old Norse language region and means “light”, “bright” or “white”. In contrast to Gold which symbolizes the sun, Silver is associated with the moon and embodies anything feminine. Silver is standing for clarity, purity and balance.

In many cultures, the precious metal is standing for supernatural abilities. It is attributed with the power to not only capture positive energies and extract negative auras from the body. It is also said to reflect negative influences from outside and therefore protect the wearer from them.

Indeed, Silver is featuring the highest reflectivity out of all metals. 98% of the light hitting the surface is reflected, to be precise. This is why it is not very surprising to find quality mirrors covered by a layer of silver. In addition, the electric as well as the thermal conductivity of Silver cannot be surpassed by any other metal. Another fascinating characteristic of this white metal is its antibacterial effect which made silver a reliable element used in medieval medicine.

In the production of jewellery, Silver is incredibly popular because it is resistant to oxygen and acids, similar to Gold. The coating which emerges when silver gets in contact with sulphur compounds can be removed easily on top of that. Silver is harder than gold, while it is still very malleable and can be processed relatively easily. These attributes make the precious metal one of the most important materials in the jewellery production.



Platinum is blessed with a shiny, silvery and sometimes grey white look. This incredibly valuable precious metal is considerably malleable despite being heavy. It possesses the third highest density of all elements. It is therefore harder than Gold and features a high resistance against oxygen and acids as well. At the same time, Platinum can only be melted at a temperature of 1.700°C or 3100°F and features the lowest thermal and electric conductivity, which makes it wonderfully cool to the touch. In the jewellery production, the metal therefore requires special machines to process it.

Platinum is extremely suitable for people with sensitive skin because it causes no allergies.

Due to its brightness, it is particularly capable of emphasizing the radiance of diamonds and other shiny precious stones.


Gemstones do not only impress with their radiance and shape, they are in the first place loved for their beautiful colours which spark off individual feelings and associations in the beholder or wearer. Depending on the mood and the character, the effect of a colour or colour combination can vary. Nevertheless each colour possesses its own distinct power which can very individually touch different chords in the wearer and onlooker.


RED/ Garnet, Ruby

is surely one of the most intensive colours and therefore symbolizes, inter alia, fire, love and blood. Red is embodying the joy of living and passion. However, this colour can also signalize the beholder to stay away. It figuratively says “Stop! Don’t go further!”

In the spiritual sense, red is associated with love and awakening. Mentally, red exerts a very vitalizing effect on you while awaking your inner strength and courage. On an emotional base, this passionate colour is additionally symbolizing anger and aggression. On an energetic level, red is said to be the colour of the root chakra and is therefore conveying energy, power and vitality.


ORANGE/ Moonstone, Garnet, Sapphire, Topaz

reminds us of gorgeous sunsets and sunrises, symbolizing optimism, the joy of living and creativity. As the colour Buddhist monks prefer to wear, it is considered the epitome of practiced spirituality and detached karma. Orange is particularly supporting your ability to make decisions and strengthens your self-confidence.


YELLOW/ Lemon quartz, Moonstone, Sapphire, Topaz

is the colour of the sun. Yellow is a colour which brightens the mood and is furthermore promoting your concentration and the desire for freedom.

Yellow is standing for knowledge and acquired wisdom on a spiritual base. Mentally, it is associated with intelligence but also sarcasm and wittiness. On an emotional level, the bright colour is said to control your anxieties and balance out negative feelings like greed, jealousy and envy. When it comes to its energetic powers, we often associate the colour with the celiac plexus and therefore yellow means autonomy and independence to many people.


GREEN/ Jade, Fluoride, Emerald, Aventurine, Diopside

is the primary colour of nature in spring and summer.
Green symbolizes youth, growth and vitality. This colour is calming and harmonizing. In the spiritual sense, green often stands for unconditional love and is said to open your heart chakra with which it is energetically connected. On a mental level, green is supposed to activate your self-confidence as well as your emotional intelligence. At the same time, it is able to help you set yourself limits and make decisions. Green furthermore is aiding you fight unknown anxieties and is moreover encouraging you to give and accept love.


BLUE/Lapis lazuli, Sapphire, Topaz

is the colour of the sky and the ocean and is therefore strongly linked to the feeling of vastness and freedom. This colour’s cool, calm and harmonious aura is conveying peace, trust and clearness on a spiritual level. Mentally, blue is stimulating your sense of responsibility, your will power and the ability to express yourself and act in a diplomatic way. In terms of emotions, this colour will support your relaxedness and cheerfulness, helping break down your fear of getting hurt. Furthermore, blue is said to be the color of the throat chakra.


VIOLET/Amethyst, Sapphire

is the colour of religion, the mystical and art. On a spiritual level, violet stands for transformation, meditation and the ability to exceed borders and access the metaphysical. Violet is mentally supporting your openness towards change and is helping you to break free from negative patterns. At the same time, violet is supporting your intuitive thinking and it is said to help find your inner balance. Therefore, this elegant colour is conveying, above all, lightness. Violet is known as the colour of the crown chakra.


ROSE/PINK/ Morganite, Tourmaline, Rose quartz, Topaz, Sapphire

stands for softness, tenderness and empathy while a luscious pink shade can indeed convey strong passion.

On a spiritual level, rose/pink is paving your path to universal love and the ability to let oneself go and give yourself fully in for something. Mentally, rose/pink is supporting your intuitive creativity and clarity – even when it comes to your view on the female role and femininity in society. On an emotional level, pink stones are often used as a remedy to fight anxieties, while they sooth and support your sensitivity. At the same time, rose/pink enables you to access your childlike and playful sides. It does not only help you accept love but it will aid you love yourself. No wonder rose/pink is connected to the heart chakra.


TRANSPARENT/CLEAR/WHITE / Diamond, Quartz, Moonstone, Pearls

is the colour of the rain, ice and snow and stands for purity and innocence. White is considered the unity and entirety of all colours because white is created when all colours are combined. In a spiritual sense, white is strongly connected with clarity, light and consciousness, whilst on a mental level it helps you relax and get over restlessness and a lack of structure. White is a colour which seeks balance and perfection. On an emotional level this pure colour is a helpful companion when facing situations of powerlessness, pain and aggression because it is conveying lightness and clearness. In terms of its energetic abilities, it is said to bear all colours of the rainbow and, thus, it is able to bring light to all chakras.


BLACK/ Black Diamond, Tourmaline, Labradorit

is the absence of colour in a physical sense because it absorbs all light spectres. Accordingly, it is associated with darkness and, above all, is linked with death and sorrow in western cultures.

At the same time, black is seen as the origin of creativity because darkness is what comes before any birth. On top of that, black is radiating elegance and dignity and is able to give you security on an emotional base as well lend you strength.