In the beginning, we fully surrender ourselves to the beauty of the gemstones, drawing our inspiration from their special attributes, traits and histories. Then we combine them with matching precious metals. The initial approach is indeed a very intuitive process whose entire duration can take months to years. While the original idea is slowly ripening, we are constantly capturing the evolution of the jewellery’s design with drawings and sketches until we cast the model in a special synthetic material to capture the shape and colour. In this way, we are not only capable of creating a three-dimensional impression of the design but we are also able to test the wearing comfort of the jewellery. During the testing of the prototypes, modifications can occur that again have to be tested to ensure the finished product’s quality. We will only start producing when the piece of jewellery reaches a certain level of aesthetics, doing its precious materials justice, and only when it is provided with the perfect wearing comfort.


One part of our collection consists of unique pieces. Some of these unique specimens came to being because a special stone inspired us and sparked off our creativity to give birth to something which is simply one of a kind. Other unique jewelleries were created based on your wishes and ideas to offer you individual, custom-made pieces of jewellery. While the HAYA COUTURE collection is the home of our individual and unique jewel designs, the other crucial part of our jewellery range, the CLASSIC collection, does not offer of unique specimens. Nevertheless, the design of the classic pieces is of course following the characteristics of the used stones and precious metals as well. They are inspired by certain events and experiences which triggered our creativity and coined the final choice of materials and the final shape.